Loan for unemployed

Part of the problem can be solved by a loan for the unemployed

Part of the problem can be solved by a loan for the unemployed

If you have just lost your job, you will certainly feel great psychological stress. However, you can gradually take this as a chance to change that will improve your life. It’s good to look ahead. Be sure to sign up for a job at the Labor Office as soon as possible, look for new job opportunities on the Internet, and reach out to your friends who can get the job done.

It is good if you have a financial reserve available during the unemployment period. Temporary lending for the unemployed may also be a temporary solution to the lack of money. Feel free to take a helping hand in finance.

Loan for unemployed within 15 minutes of Zaloan Bank

If you need to use loans for the unemployed immediately, we recommend contacting Zaloan Bank online. You do not need a guarantor or a pledge of real estate when dealing with this secure banking institution. Zaloan Bank loans are fair and well-arranged, designed for the unemployed, students, mothers on maternity or pensioners.

You can apply for a loan of up to CZK 10,000 for 7 to 45 days at midnight. Within 15 minutes you will find out if it is approved and you will receive your money immediately. For new clients, even the first Zaloan loan is up to CZK 9,000 with a maturity of up to 30 days free of charge.

Mrs. Ilona of Mohelnice, 52, describes her experience with a loan for the unemployed: “My cousin recommended the Zaloan loan. I also approved the CZK 2,500 loan within a few minutes, the money I had on my account the next morning. ”

What loans does the bank Zaloan offer?

Zaloan Bank offers 3 basic loans verified by approximately 2.5 million clients worldwide. It also provides loans for the unemployed without any problems. Of course, with regard to the principles of responsible lending.

  1. Fast Zaloan Micro loans are between 500 and 10,000 CZK for 7 to 45 days. Their maturity can be extended by up to 60 days.
  2. Zaloan Credit, an overdraft loan of up to CZK 35,000 allows you to draw on loans repeatedly. Transfer any amount you need to your account at any time. You repay the loans in one-off or agreed monthly amounts.
  3. Zaloan Plus is a quick loan for verified customers up to CZK 25,000, which can be repaid within 1 year.

The most in demand is the overdraft loan Zaloan Credit

The most in demand is the overdraft loan Zaloan Credit

The most popular clients are the Zaloan Credit loan, which is also intended for the unemployed and other problem clients elsewhere. Simply for every citizen of the Czech Republic from 19 to 85 years old, who has a balanced previous commitment to Zaloan Bank and repaid reliably, whether he decides for a one-off or gradual repayment of loans.

Zaloan Credit has gained popularity thanks to the fact that it allows repeated borrowing up to CZK 35,000 with the transfer of funds immediately to the account. No administration keeps trusted clients, everything is fast and convenient. The loan is similar to an overdraft facility, but you do not need to arrange a current account with Zaloan Bank when negotiating it. After the approval of the credit limit of CZK 2,500 to CZK 35,000, you have the loans transferred to your account according to your needs and without repeated requests.

It is also a loan for the unemployed or when starting a business

It is also a loan for the unemployed or when starting a business

Zaloan Credit can help you in both unemployment and business start-up. Like Mrs. Hedvice from Prague, who described: “I needed CZK 30,000 to buy Italian fabrics. The non-bank loan for entrepreneurs seemed risky to me because of high interest and pledge. I used a Zaloan loan, set up a three-month installment and smoothed it all out, ”

In addition, Zaloan Credit is cheaper than traditional fast loans – you save up to a third of the cost compared to a micro loan. And it also has other benefits – flexible monthly installments, a choice of repayment period or payment holiday twice a year. When drawing a loan, you only pay interest for the relevant number of days (0.2833% per day) and 12.5% ​​of the amount drawn. In a non-borrowing period, your Zaloan Credit account is free of charge (which is not common with credit cards).

Zaloan Credit: a handy financial reserve for all cases

Think of the rear wheels! While the economy is now flourishing, but robotization is unobtrusive, the mines are dampening, the authorities are slimming, many employers are changing their plans from day to day. The result is unemployment, which many people are very surprised. The balanced family budget is then very difficult to put together.

To make matters worse, you can take effective action today and arrange for a Zaloan Credit loan that can be used repeatedly for responsible repayment. It therefore functions as a financial reserve. Its strengths and security have been appreciated in the Czech Republic for years by both clients and financial experts. For example, Mr. René states: “I am surprised by the speed and helpfulness of Zaloan Bank. I warmly recommend.”

The Zaloan loan is available for you directly from this site and can be used for free for the first time up to CZK 35,000 for up to 30 days. Just fill out and submit a simple online form along with copies of both sides of the OP. Zaloan Bank Customer Service operates in nonstop mode and will contact you immediately.

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