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August 19, 2017
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Members! Here is your chance to obtain a free commercial software program. Take it, use it, review it, and the program is yours. Any member can easily write a review. The Software Review Instructions available on this page will guide you. We will help you write a first class review.. Once you do the first review, you will be back for more free software.

We can obtain most programs for review. If you have a program you would like to own, request it and do a review.

For information and assistance, use the contact email address on the left.

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Here's what you need to do to participate:

We must have your current email address, and your spam filters must be set to accept email from If in the last few months you have not received email announcing software available for review, we either do not have your current email address, you have blocked email from, or you were not a member in good standing.

1) You must be a TOPCC member in good standing, and we must have your current email address. Software available for review will first be announced in an email sent to all members. Make your request promptly. In most cases, it will be given to a reviewer at that time. Please read the Software Review Instructions (available on right side of this page-revised 4/28/2011). They tell you how to write a good review.

2) Watch for email announcing new software available for review. If you wish to review it, place your request promptly. In most cases the first request will be honored. If there are no requests at that time, it will be listed on this site. Or, if there is a program you would like to own, contact the Software Review Coordinator at the email address at the upper left side of this page, and they'll see if they can get it for you.

3) Contact the Software Review Coordinator at the email address on the upper left side of this page to make arrangements for getting the software. If you let them know in advance, they can bring it to the monthly meeting.

4) Read and sign the Software Review Agreement (available on the right side of this page) when you pick up the software. Sign two copies; one for you and one for the Software Review Coordinator.

5) You have 30 days to write the review. Extra time may be allowed in some circumstances. You must contact the Software Review Coordinator for an extension. We will help you to write a good review.

6) At the end of the 30 days, you must turn in a review. Please email your review to the Software Review Coordinator. Your review will be published on the web site and in the newsletter.

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