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August 19, 2017
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General Categories:
Application: A program that creates a finished product such as a document, report, map, etc.
Utility: A program that does something in the background or supplements an application.

Specific Categories:
Backup: An application that backs up or copies hard drives.
Book: A book review.
Financial: An application having to do with money or your taxes.

Digital Categories:
Digital Photo:
A program having to do with Digital Photography.
Digital Graphics: A program geared more towards art or graphics, but could also be used for photos.
Digital Media: A music or video program, or a program having to do with CDs or DVDs.




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Acronis True Image 2014

AcronisJim Peterson11/15/2013BackupThis data backup and recovery program is one of the important computer utility tools that I use in the maintenance of my personal computer health. The simple practice of routine data backup has minimized my data loss due to disk crashes or data corruption experiences. True Image Home 2014 provides a tools suite to backup data, restore data, clone disks, migrate data, image disks, partition disks, and create a boot up drive recovery disk.

System Suite Professional 14

Avanquest Inc.Bart Koslow4/29/2013UtilitySystem Suite Professional (SSP) is a complete utility to fix, speed up, and protect your computer. It will help you keep your PC in top working order. I have used it for many years and consider it an essential tool for my

Creator NXT

Corel CorpMartin Trujillo1/24/2013Digital MediaRoxio Creator NXT is a comprehensive multimedia suite that makes video and image capturing, creating and sharing easy. The suite has everything users need to edit and enhance photo, video and audio projects, and share their creations on popular social media channels, today's smartphones, tablets and Ultrabooks or on CD, DVD or Blu-ray discs.

System Mechanic

iolo TechnologiesBart Koslow1/23/2013UtilitySystem Mechanic is a large suite of programs that will fix and speedup your PC, either automatically or manually. In addition, there are a number of programs that are not part of the automatic fix and speedup. The iolo Technologies website indicates that the suite contains over 50 programs, which is significantly more than any other competing program suite.

GoodSync Pro

Siber SystemsRoger Houston1/16/2013BackupThis software is meant to aid computer users to synchronize or back up data files. It is available for both Windows and Mac computers. The program is not meant to copy system files or programs. It automatically synchronizes and backs up all of my photos, music, contacts, email, and other important files. It does this between desktops, laptops, servers, and external hard

Nero 12 Platinum

Nero AGBart Koslow12/12/2012Digital MediaNero 12 Platinum is a comprehensive suite of multimedia


Siber SystemsBart Koslow11/17/2012UtilityIf you constantly use websites that are password protected, RoboForm is an essential utility. I have used it for years to quickly and easily access sensitive bank, credit card and other similar sites. Just open your browser, click on RoboForm, click on the site name, enter your master password, and RoboForm does the rest. It opens the website and logs you in by entering your ID and password. All of your data is securely encrypted in RoboForm, and cannot be accessed without using your master

Quicken Deluxe 2013

Intuit Inc.Bart Koslow11/1/2012FinancialQuicken is the premier personal finance

System Suite Professional 12

AvanquestBart Koslow2/6/2012UtilitySystem Suite Professional (SS) is a comprehensive utility program that will tune up and repair your PC and provide malware, virus, spyware, and firewall protection.
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