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August 19, 2017
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Photoshop Video Tutorials

These Photoshop Video Tutorials by Darrel Priebe are the easiest way to learn the Photoshop techniques that will improve your pictures instantly!

  • Tutorial #1: The Levels Adjustment Layer - Tonal Range - 8:52

    How to set the dynamic black and white tonal range of a photograph by using an Adjustment Layer in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements

    Almost all digital pictures can be improved with this essential Photoshop technique, which also works in Photoshop Elements. This video tutorial shows you how to adjust the black and white levels of your color photograph to bring out the full dynamic tonal range and give your picture "snap!"

  • Tutorial #2: Color in Black & White Photographs - 8:58

    How to use color selectively in a black & white photograph by using a Layer Mask in Photoshop

    This video tutorial shows you how to convert your color photograph to black and white, and then selectively reintroduce color to the image by using a Layers Mask. Beautiful and creative pictures can be made using a combination of these two techniques.

  • Tutorial #3: Resizing for the Web or Email

    Here's how to resize your pictures for emailing or web sharing with complete control using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements

    Today's cameras produce beautiful, but very large digital pictures which are great for prints, but are far to large to email easily. They must be reduced in size before they can easily be shared thru email or on the web. This video tutorial shows you how to quickly reduce the size of your pictures for either email or web sharing, while maintaining complete control of the picture and file size. This Photoshop technique also works in Photoshop Elements.

For more Photoshop Video Tutorials, see Darrel’s website:

Other Tutorials

    View Nancy Lehrer’s tutorial on Using Light, which she presented at our March 5th meeting, on her blog: Nancys Blog.

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