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August 19, 2017
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SPECIAL EVENING WORKSHOPS - for T.O. Photo Group club members. Workshops are first available for sign-up at our monthly club meetings, then via email at Workshops are held either at the Goebel Center or the Library on Janss Road as noted in the description. Workshops usually start at 6:30pm unless otherwise indicated and are approximately 2 hours in length.

NOTE - Workshops are for members of the T.O. Photo Group only, except for workshops held at the T.O. Library where Ventura County Camera Club members may also be invited.  Admittance to our workshops held at the Goebel Center are space-limited and will be by TICKET ONLY! Members who have enrolled (and are not on the wait-list) will receive an ADMISSION TICKET via email and no one will be admitted without their admission ticket.

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Recent Workshops:

Basic Photo Shop Elements - Intro

Mark Reden and Ray Laser taught how to get photos from your camera, load them into Photoshop Elements, file organization, basic editing, and resizing.

Mounting and Printing Workshop 
 Judy Koenig showed how to mount pictures in pre-cut mattes to prepare images for entry in future Photo Group print competitions.

Michael Sugar demonstrated how to print pictures through self-service kiosks, such as at Costco (for example).

Carl Volpe presented information on how to improve the color quality of images by calibrating your computer monitor using devices like Colormunki or Datacolor Spyder.

Lorne Resnick: The Art of Travel Photography

Lorne presented an 8-point structure to consistently create emotionally powerful travel images. Whether you enjoy shooting wildlife, landscape, people or any other kind of travel images, Lorne explained what goes into consistently making great images.

Lorne Resnick has won the Travel Photographer of the Year award, plus numerous commercial photography awards and now leads travel photography workshops around the world.

View Lorne's website at

Matt Haines - Lighting and Portraiture

Matt presented a workshop on the use of on-camera and off-camera lighting for portraiture. He covered everything from making simple built-in flash look better, to beginning off-camera and studio lighting techniques.

Contact Matt at:


How to use image management and organization features in LIGHTROOM

 "Compose Yourself and See The Light"

 Canon Explorer of Light Ken Sklute shared his perspective, and taught us how to  to be more in touch with one's creative vision. Ken explained how he goes about finding locations, subjects and photographic environments that yield award winning results. He addressed unique capture techniques such as HDR and timelapse as well as using video capture in today’s HDSLR cameras to round out your storytelling abilities!

 “Constructing the Photograph: Precision in Practice” presented by Greg Cooper.

Photography is enjoyable in any form, be it capturing on the fly as a photojournalist, capturing a snapshot of your family or capturing a pleasant scene like Ansel Adams. Regardless, taking time to “make” your photograph will improve your images. Greg Cooper presented a method of ‘making’ pictures using a recipe, which can improve any photographer’s work. He showed you how to photograph in a whole new way. Greg is a faculty member in the Visual Journalism program at Brooks Institute in Ventura, California.

 Brent Russell Paull presented a truly outstanding "Wildlife and Nature" workshop filled with his incredible images and the stories that went with them. Everyone fortunate enough to be present walked away with incredible tips and techniques. Put them to use at Brent's Photo Safaris.

Contact Brent at:

Tom Gamache and Van Webster presented a terrific Landscape Photography workshops. Contact Tom at:

Gary Moss presented a great workshop on the elements of what makes a "hero" photograph. These include style, energy, creativity, technique and uniqueness, Gary offers "Camera Whisperer" workshops.

Contact Gary at:


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