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August 19, 2017
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If you do not get the emailings which are sent out from the TOPCC Photo Group about updates and happennings you can use this page to see what has changed on our website recently.
Check back often, we don't want you to miss anything.

Page Description
Main Page
Added the January meeting.
Added info for the December and January meetings.
Photo Resources
Print Winners
Field Trips
Added Nancy's Movement, and Debbie's Wildlife presentations.
Added winners for November 5 print contest.
Added Las Vegas Field trip slides.
Photo Resources Updated the PhotoEntries App. and Doc to match the new rules.
Contest Rules Important; please read this; The Print Contest and Digital Composition Challenge Rules have changed. Refer to the Rules webpage for the new rules.
Photo Resources
Main Page
Digital Awards
Added Pete Scifres' Photographing the Moon presentation
Added the December meeting.
Added info for the December meeting.
Added the October 1 meeting DCC slideshow.
Photo Info Added a new online Corel Painter Workshop for Photographers and Artists presented by one of our upcoming judges, Sherron Sheppard.
Main Page
Photo Info
Added Print/DCC subjects to the Main Page.
Added info for the October and November meetings.
Removed obsolete entries.
Print Winners
Field Trips
Added winners for September 10 print contest.
Added Getty Villa Field trip slides.
Main Page Added Photo Group Meetings location and map.
Volunteers Some updates to the Volunteers page.
Meetings Updated September meeting information.
Digital Awards The Digital Challenge Slideshow is Updated to contain August 6 meeting Merit Awards.
Photo Resources
Added Hutch's Black and White Presentation and Handout.
Some updates to the Volunteers page.
Photo Info
Updated August meeting information.
Added info on the photo pickup at the end of Ventura County Fair.
Main Page
Announced August and September meetings.
Removed "last updated date" from the Main Page entries.
Photo Info Updated Ventura County Fair Photo Contest info.
Photo Resources
Print Winners
Field Trips
Added Hutch's presentation on Leading Lines.
Added winners for July 2 print contest.
Added Santa Barbara Summer Solstice slides.
Photo Info Added a review of PhotoShop Elements 10 and a Link to the Southern California Photo Opportunities website.
Three Pages Added Carl Volpe's notes on Off Camera Flash to the Photo Resources page.
Updated the Digital Merit Awards Slideshow to the June 4 version.
Updated the Field Trip Slideshow to the Renaissance Faire version.
Two Pages Added Nancy Lehrers notes on Placement to the Photo Resources page.
Updated the Meetings page with information for the June 4 meeting.
Several Pages Added The Huntington Field Trip slideshow.
Added the May 7th Print Contest Winners slideshow.
Preliminary announcement of the July meeting, Assigned Print Contest topic; "Sports".
Several Pages Moved Nancy Lehrer's link to her Using Light presentation to the Tutorials page.
May 7th and June 4th Meetings announced.
T.O. Photo Contest added to the Photo Info. page.
Digital Awards The Digital Challenge Slideshow is Updated to contain April 2 meeting Merit Awards.
Photo Info Added Ken Sklute video item.
Meetings Added details of the April 2nd meeting.
Photo Info Added new Items; Ojai Art Center call for entries, Conejo Valley for the Arts call for Entries, more video's.
Newsletters April 2012 Newsletter is now available.
Field Trips Added the April Field Trip to the Huntington Gardens.
Several Pages, ongoing. Add more color to several pages.
Workshops Two new Workshops, "Color Management" presented by Hutch Hutchinson. Also, Ken Sklute, Canon Explorer of Light, presents "Compose yourself and see the light".
Photo Info Added new Items, deleted outdated items.
Photo Resources Added Pete Scifres' notes from "Fun with Fotobooks".
Meetings Added a link to Nancy's Blog for the "Using Light" tutorial.
Meetings Added May 7th photo group meeting and notes, also updated the meetings page.
Print Winners Winners from March 5, 2012 Print Competition.
Field Trips Replaced the Field Trip slide show images with those taken at the Getty Field Trip.
Main Page Some duplicated sidebar entries deleted.
Field Trips Added the March Field Trip to the Travel Town Museum, Griffith Park.
Newsletters March 2012 Newsletter is now available.
Contest Rules Updated the format of the pages, not the actual rules.
All Pages Removed smaller font sizes as some members complained they could not read the small text.
Meetings Added April 2nd photo group meeting and notes, also updated the meetings page.
Made the page more "clickable".
Photo Resources Added Notes from Carl Volpe's "Getting Organized" Workshop.
Photo Resources Added "Constructing the Image" notes from Greg Cooper's Workshop.
Photo Resources Added Nancy Lehrer's "Depth of Field" presentation slides.
Photo Resources Added the PhotoEntries App. Document
Photo Resources Added the PhotoEntries App.
Done Add randomly picked Member Images on several pages.
Newsletters February 2012 Newsletter is now available.
Print Winners Updated to a SlideShow.
Digital Awards Updated to a SlideShow.
Volunteers Updated the whole Volunteers web page.
Photo Info Added new Photo Information page, please help by sending useful information for any aspect of Photography.
Main Page Split the Main Page into several new pages to allow easier navigation.
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