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August 19, 2017
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Image not found Carl Volpe is a recent member of our club, and has stepped up to be Chairman of our Photo Group. This is in addition to organizing our monthly Field Trips!
Carl has had a long and successful career in the business world and now enjoys pursuing his "addiction" to photography by traveling around the world to take some amazing travel pictures in exotic locations.
Be sure to ask Carl for help or to be assigned to a mentor on one of our club field trips so you can learn how to take better pictures.
Image not found Randi Seigel has taken on the role of the Photo Groups Vice Chair. She also greets our visitors and guests at Photo Group meetings with a warm and welcoming smile. She helps our visitors to sign-in and explains the many benefits of club membership. Randi is the first person, along with Bob Peltzman, that visitors to our club meet and greet. She is a warm and friendly representative welcoming guests to our club and enrolling new members.
Image not found Pete Scifres was our Photo Group Chairman for the past year. Previously, as Field Trip coordinator, he was planning our club excursions to fun locations. Pete has also been our Print Contest Coordinator assisting with obtaining judges, hanging the pictures and awarding the prizes. He is definitely the volunteer of the year! In addition to his duties with our club, Pete travels regularly and posts wonderful pictures on our club's Flickr website. His images often win awards and prizes. Pete is always happy to help beginners to take better pictures and answer questions about their cameras at our field trip excursions.
Image not found Milt Morris has served as Field Trip Assistant and TOPCC Vice Chair; he continues in a new position as TO Photo Group Steering Committee “Member at Large.”
Image not found Bob Peltzman is our Club Secretary and takes minutes at the Steering Committee meetings. You'll also find him in the back of the room at club meetings where he welcomes visitors. Bob has also handled Publicity for the club, and excelled in bringing us many new members.
Image not found Chuck Johnson is our club Treasurer, a job he fulfills for both the Photo Group and the TOPCC Computer Club. Chuck is a long-time member and ably represents the needs of the Photo Group to our TOPCC organizing group. From keeping the accounting books to writing checks and managing the club's finances, Chuck is always there and doing a fantastic job. He's a guy we can count on - you can bet on that!
Image not found Judy Forman is our Digital Newsletter Editor. She publishes our fantastic Photo Group newsletter every month and writes those excellent interview articles that tell us so much about our club members and Steering Committee members. Judy's newsletter is read by over 300 people every month who want to know the most recent club happenings and upcoming events for photographers in our club.
Image not found Jerry Koenig has been helping to organize our fantastic fieldtrips for some time now, and the attendance keeps going up! Many experienced club photographers participate in our fieldtrips every month and they are happy to help our beginning and intermediate members take better pictures. Just ask for help and it's yours! Dozens of award winning photographs have been taken on our club fieldtrips!
Jerry and Carl help insure a successful fieldtrip experience by researching each location carefully and traveling there early to scout out the location for important details to make the trip a great photographic experience. Be sure to give them both a hug on your next trip with our club!
Image not found Allyson Barnes has taken on the fun and challenging role of Workshop Coordinator. She will be arranging the monthly club workshops which cover a huge variety of topics including Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, Color Management, Landscape Photography, Lighting, and many more. If you have ideas or requests for a particular workshop, you can reach Allyson at
Image not found Ray Laser is our Workshop Wizard. He produces high quality workshops for our Photo Group members that are so successful because of the extra organizational efforts of this fantastic volunteer! Ray goes the extra mile to make sure participants are well prepared and the workshop is well organized and jam-packed with useful information. Ray's workshop vitae includes Photoshop, Elements, Intermediate DSLR, Mounting Your Photos, How to Shoot Dogs, Color Management, Lightroom, and way more than we have room to list. Be sure to hug this dedicated Photo Group volunteer whenever you get the chance!
Image not found Mike Sugar is our fantastic instructor for the Basic Digital Camera Class. He has taught many of our current club members the essentials of photography and digital cameras in his 3-night series classes which he kindly repeats three times a year for new members. Mike is a distinguished photographer in his own right and has won many awards in our monthly club print contests and digital challenges. We thank Mike again and again for all he has contributed to our club members with his excellent and very popular class!
Image not found Larry Weinberger is our club's Membership Coordinator and he keeps our digital records of members names and email addresses straight. In case you think that's an easy job, we currently have over 425 email records of people who want to know what is happening in our Photo Group, and over 225 members including family memberships! That's a lot of data to manage, and Larry does it very well.
Image not found Gordon Huff is our club's technical wizard. He handles the clubs wireless microphones, projectors and computers not to mention the many batteries required for their operation! Gordon's job is demanding, since there are often 5 meetings in a month sponsored by our photography, computer and video clubs. In addition, he is the computer club's Secretary and takes very concise notes of the monthly meetings. Thanks, Gordon, for always being there with the equipment we need!
Image not found Darrel Priebe is one of our Members at Large, helping with the running of the PhotoGroup. Darrel was our club's Chairman from 2008 - 2011 and helped develop the extensive list of Photo Resources and tutorials free to all club members on the website.
He also teaches our Photoshop Lessons and workshops and welcomes your questions on PS anytime. He is happy to report that he is having fun teaching Photoshop more frequently, and now has time to take a few more photographs than he did when Chairman!
Image not found Nancy Lehrer teaches our bi-monthly Composition lessons in preparation for the bi-monthly Digital Composition Challenge. She also presents great lessons on Photoshop Elements at our club meetings and workshops, including the Lightroom University series of workshops. Nancy's images can be found on dozens of websites including our own Flickr website. She is always ready to lend assistance to those seeking advice or help with their photography. In her spare time, she is president of the Ventura County Camera Club in addition to her duties with the Photo Group.
Image not found Hutch Hutchison is a regular presenter at the Photo Group. We rely on his technical and photographic expertise to help inform and educate our members on a regular basis. Hutch is always willing to share his knowledge and help a fellow photographer when in need, so don't hesitate to ask for advice on just about any subject in the world of photography! His outstanding Intermediate DSLR and Color Management classes have been big hits with club members!
Image not found Mark Reden is our Digital Image Wizard - the guy behind the curtain who receives your digital image files and assembles our monthly slide show of contest entries for the professional critique. Mark has a wealth of computer knowledge and he teaches a Photoshop Elements Workshop for beginners every quarter. Mark is a very kind and friendly guy who always wears a smile. Give him a hug and thank you when you see him at our meetings for his excellent work as a volunteer!
Image not found Bill Debley worked in aerospace research and development for thirty years and got interested in photography about eight years ago. He enjoys looking at photography through an engineer’s eye and capturing unusual images. He is active in and has been president of two photography clubs, one that he founded at Northrop Grumman, and most recently, F/Stops Camera Club in Northridge. He conducts local one day photographic workshops entitled “Photography for the Rest of Us”, enjoys judging, producing tutorials, and workshops on photography.
He uses a wide range of equipment and techniques to achieve the type of feeling and style he wants in a photograph. Although he loves the out of doors, he also loves shooting all genres and uses everything from pin-hole to 3D anaglyphs to get the shot.
Image not found Leni Field leads the Print Contest team. She helps members hang their entries and later receives the completed award sheet from the judge and helps assign the various awards to the proper prints. She then categorizes the open and assigned prints for presentation. In addition, Leni helps announce the awards for the open and assigned monthly print contest.
Image not found Joe Vampa assists with the Print Contest. He helps members put the felt and velcro on each print, assigns a unique number to each entry and then hangs them on the wall for the judge to examine them according to category.
Image not found Mary Martinich as a member of the print contest committee, collects the judge’s print contest results and organizes the winning photos along with the various awards to the proper prints. She then verifies there are no duplications in any of the categories. Mary announces the winning photos to the photo club members while the ribbons are being presented.

Tony Martinich manages and updates the print contest and the active judge's database. He also seeks new judges to participate in future print and digital composition contests. Along with other committee members, Tony books and prepares judges for the club’s monthly meeting. This last task includes all the communication necessary to find and inform the judge of the specific rules and procedures of our two different monthly contests.
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Image not found Steve Torres is our liaison with the T. O. Library. That means he is the man who gets up extra early every three months to wait in line at the crack of dawn to make our club's reservations for the use of the Grant Brimhall auditorium in the library. Without Steve's efforts we simply wouldn't be meeting in such a wonderful location as the Thousand Oaks Library. Be sure to give Steve a pat on the back for his dedication on behalf of our Photo Group.
Image not found Sheldon Hoffman has been making and managing our club name tags and badges for more years than he can remember! He does a great job helping us all to remember names, not an easy task when there are over 100 people at each club meeting! Be sure to say thanks to Sheldon for the great job he does at the next meeting!

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