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August 19, 2017
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The many tutorials and articles on this page are divided into 3 sections covering Photography Composition, Photoshop and Elements, and Software Reviews.

Articles are sorted by date with newest articles listed first. You may click twice on a column heading to sort by that heading.

Photography Composition and Essential Tips Minimize
 Created DateTitleCategory SizeDescriptionClicks
11/27/2012Costco PrintingColor ManagementDownload1.15 MBNotes from Carl Volpe's Workshop Costco Printing using Calibration Tools and ICC Profiles1150
11/6/2012Wildlife PhotographyWildlifeDownload3.45 MBDebbie Williams Wonderful Wildlife Photography Presentation991
11/6/2012MovementCompositionDownload1.90 MBNancy Lehrer's continuing series on composition techniques; this time she presents "Movement", where the compositional component MOVEMENT is a major contributor to the image’s story, mood, emotion, and purpose.1020
10/24/2012PhotoEntries HelpAppsDownload442.44 KB*Updated October 2012* Notes on running the PhotoEntries Application.1009
10/24/2012PhotoEntriesAppsDownload5.37 MB*Updated October 2012* An application to resize and rename your images for projection at the TOPCC Digital Challenge and Print Contests. If the file does not open after download, click on the msi file and specify Open or Run.938
10/2/2012Photographing the MoonHowToDownload922.01 KBNotes from Pete Scifres' Presentation at the October 1 meeting.1092
9/14/2012ColorCompositionDownload1.21 MBNancy Lehrer's continuing series on composition techniques; this time she presents "Color", where the compositional component COLOR is a major contributor to the image’s story, mood, emotion, and purpose. 1062
8/8/2012Black and White ConversionEssential TipsDownload56.86 KBA copy of Hutch's handout at the August 6 meeting detailing Black and White Conversion Methods1055
8/8/2012Black and White PhotographyEssential TipsDownload251.63 KBCopy of the slides from Hutch's Presentation on Black & White Photography at the August 6 meeting1060
7/4/2012Leading LinesCompositionDownload2.36 MBHutch continues Nancy Lehrer's series on Composition techniques. This time the subject is Leading Lines.1330
6/5/2012Off Camera FlashHow ToDownload2.26 MBSlides from Carl Volpe's excellent presentation on uses and techniques of off-camera flash.1138
5/26/2012Color Management ChecklistColor ManagementDownload81.92 KBHutch's Color Management Checklist from his recent Color Management Workshop1252
5/12/2012PlacementCompositionDownload5.29 MBNancy Lehrer's continuing series on composition techniques; this time she presents "Placement", where the placement of the subject is one of the major compositional components.1070
3/12/2012Fun with FotoBooksHowToDownload2.27 MBPete Scifres' notes on how to get started with the creation of a FotoBook.1012
2/17/2012Getting OrganizedHowToDownload83.45 KB"Dude Where Are My Photographs" - Notes to accompany Carl Volpe's Workshop on organizing photos so that you can find them again. 1752
2/2/2012Constructing The PhotographCompositionDownload509.54 KBA two page reminder of points in Constructing The Photograph by Greg Cooper from his Workshop1142
1/15/2012Depth of FieldCompositionDownload5.34 MBNancy Lehrer's continuing series on composition techniques; this time she presents "Depth of Field", the amount of the image - front to back - that is in focus1066
1/9/2012Your Free WebsiteHowToDownload1.57 MBHow to create your own free Website by John Ferritto1126
11/5/2011Layers in CompositionCompositionDownload3.25 MBNancy Lehrer's continuing series on composition techniques this time focusing on using layers to create the illusion of depth in a two-dimensional image.1156
9/18/2011Perspective in CompositionCompositionDownload3.68 MBOur bi-monthly series on Composition continues with Nancy Lehrer showing us the how-to and why of using Perspective in our images. 1215
7/2/2011Patterns and RepetitionCompositionDownload2.76 MBNancy Lehrer shows us how patterns and repetition can serve as an important compositional element in our images. 1241
6/19/2011CurvesCompositionDownload2.98 MBNancy Lehrer demonstrates how to use curves effectively in your images to enhance composition.1135
4/5/2011Exposure Triangle - Part 3Essential TipsDownload4.04 MBNancy Lehrer's final installment on her trilogy exploring the relationship between aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings. A must read for those who want to control their camera settings to produce better images.1217
3/6/2011Frame within a FrameCompositionDownload2.57 MBNancy Lehrer's composition tutorial on how to use a natural frame within your image to enhance the composition.1219
3/6/2011Exposure Triangle - Part 2Essential TipsDownload5.52 MBNancy Lehrer continues her lesson on the triangular relationship between the 3 exposure components - ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture Opening.1248
2/11/2011Exposure Triangle - Part IEssential TipsDownload7.44 MBNancy Lehrer explains the triangular relationship between the 3 exposure components - ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture Opening. 1361
1/2/2011Leading Lines CompositionDownload4.34 MBA composition article by Nancy Lehrer on effectively using leading lines.1265
11/12/2010Roy Dunn's Remote Photography Resource List 2010Essential TipsDownload682.08 KBRoy Dunn's recommended equipment list for those wishing to use remote triggers for taking photographs without having to press the shutter button!3147
11/2/2010Complementary ColorsCompositionDownload5.11 MBNancy Lehrer's pdf tutorial on how to use complementary colors to enhance your composition.1362
9/8/2010Costco Printing Tips by Bob PeltzmanEssential TipsDownload23.27 KBHow to set-up your picture in Photoshop or Elements to print exactly sized enlargements at Costco.6574
8/7/2010Hi-Key PhotographyCompositionDownload48.97 KBHutch shares tips on how to create hi-key photography starting with the description of "what-it-is" and "what-it-isn't." 1697
7/9/2010Eye LinesCompositionDownload2.12 MBNancy Lehrer shows us how to compose images using the subject's eye-lines. The subject's line of sight helps focus the viewer on the relationship between the subject and the object in the picture to create a stronger story and image.1594
5/2/2010Ryhthm and Repetition in CompositionCompositionDownload4.50 MBA composition tutorial by Nancy Lehrer for our Digital Composition Challenge series.1400
4/10/2010Demon Eyes - Removing bad color from Fido's eyes.Essential TipsDownload6.54 MBQuick Fix for Dog and Cat Demon Eyes Using Photoshop Elements by Connie Wade4840
4/6/2010HDR OverviewEssential TipsDownload48.37 KBDarrel Priebe explains the basics of HDR techniques and software.1994
3/8/2010Foreground, Middle Ground, BackgroundCompositionDownload834.46 KBNancy Lehrer's Composition Tutorial on Foreground, Middle Ground and Background9424
1/4/2010Negative SpaceCompositionDownload848.21 KBHow to use and balance Negative Space with your subject and use of positive space, by Nancy Lehrer.1761
12/6/2009BLACK & WHITE CONVERSIONEssential TipsDownload48.51 KBDarrel tells how to easily convert your digital color image to Black & White in Photoshop Elements, Picasa and FastStone Image Viewer.3273
11/5/2009Fill the FrameCompositionDownload1.37 MBNancy Lehrer shows us the compositional technique called Filling the Frame.1601
11/4/2009High Speed Flash ResourcesEssential TipsDownload26.52 KBA list of useful resources for High Speed Flash photography by Roy Dunn.4427
11/4/2009High Speed Flash PresentationEssential TipsDownload1.34 MBRoy Dunn explains the essentials of High Speed Flash1876
11/4/2009Photo Book PublishersEssential TipsDownload33.88 KBAn annotated list of 9 on-line publishers of Photo Books by Connie Wade1572
11/4/2009Creating Photo BooksEssential TipsDownload72.14 KBA step-by-step guide on how to create and publish a Photo Book - by Connie Wade1722
9/9/2009How to Shoot FlowersEssential TipsDownload2.85 MBJohn Ferritto's outstanding tutorial on composition,great tips and secrets of artistically shooting flowers.2467
9/7/2009Panoramas by Nancy LehrerCompositionDownload1.34 MBNancy Lehrer illustrates the advantages of using panoramas for composing your images.1775
8/8/2009Macro Photography SlideshowEssential TipsDownload6.29 MBRoy Dunn's PowerPoint slideshow on Macro Photography with spiders and bugs.5290
8/8/2009Macro Photography InformationEssential TipsDownload25.30 KBRoy Dunn lists his equipment, suggested reading and great websites for macro spiders & bugs photography.3467
8/4/2009Shooting an AirshowEssential TipsDownload4.21 KBHutch Hutchison's handout on the best tips for photographing an airshow.1746
7/2/2009Photographing Fireworks Essential TipsDownload4.14 KBHutch Hutchison covers everything you need to know to take great pictures of fireworks.1706
5/12/2009Grouping for Balance & HarmonyCompositionDownload1.32 MBA composition tutorial by Judy Koenig - How to group subjects in your picture - from people to flowers - for balance and harmony.1844
4/9/2009Macro Photography TechniquesEssential TipsDownload3.13 MBA pdf slideshow demonstrating the best techniques for Macro close-up photography with both Point-n-Shoot and DSLR cameras - by Nancy Lehrer2016
3/26/2009Kohut's ClassCompositionDownload124.97 KBLee Agnew shares the photographic wisdom he learned from master photographers John & Kitty Kohut, along with the beautiful pictures he and Joni took during their master class. 2208
3/26/2009BridgesCompositionDownload220.10 KBBeautiful photographs by Lee and Joni Agnew illustrate his excellent article on important composition tecniques using briges as the featured subject.2045
3/26/2009Natural Lighting Tips and HintsCompositionDownload153.78 KBAn excellent illustrated guide by Lee Agnew on how to use side and back lighting to make your pictures more dramatic.1839
3/1/2009FramingCompositionDownload3.25 MBHow to use Framing as a composition technique. Many example images are included and explained to help you see how to use frames effectively - by Darrel Priebe.2100
12/21/2008Composition EssentialsCompositionDownload2.93 MBA review of 3 essential composition elements: Rule of Thirds, Changing Angles and Leading Lines. By Darrel Priebe, with photos by Darrel and his friends.2866
11/30/2008RESIZING YOUR IMAGES FOR CONTESTSEssential TipsDownload56.54 KBUpdated March 09 * How to Resize & Rename Your Pictures for entering in our club contests using PS Elements, Photoshop, FastStone Image Viewer (PC) and iPhoto (Mac) 2746
11/30/2008Leading LinesCompositionDownload2.37 MBHow to use leading lines effectively to enhance the composition of your image. A PDF tutorial file - by Darrel Priebe.2763
11/30/2008Changing AnglesCompositionDownload1.92 MBHow to make more interesting compositions by changing the camera's angle from which you shoot -- get high, get low -- just shoot from a different angle! - by Darrel Priebe2808
11/30/2008Rule of ThirdsCompositionDownload2.99 MBA tutorial on how to effectively use the Rule of Thirds to take better pictures, by Darrel Priebe2273
Photoshop and Elements Articles and Tips Minimize
 Created DateTitleCategorySize DescriptionClicks
6/12/2011Photo FinishPhotoshop Elements787.09 KBDownloadHow to prep and finish your image for printing and digital projection in Photoshop ELEMENTS.1167
6/5/2011Vignettes - The How and WhyPhotoshop and Elements4.48 MBDownloadDarrel Priebe shows us the reasons to use vignettes to make our pictures stand out, and the easiest ways to create them using both Photoshop and Elements.1073
6/20/2010Burn & Dodge Using LayersPhotoshop15.67 KBDownloadUsing layers to burn and dodge (darken and lighten) parts of the image is space efficient and non-destructive so you can always modify your changes later. A one-page handout by Darrel Priebe.1456
6/6/2010Free Elements Layer Mask InstructionsElements198.46 KBDownloadNancy Lehrer's short tutorial on how to install and use the free Photoshop Elements Layer Mask download.4004
1/30/2010HOW TO RESCUE A DARK IMAGE - JPGPhotoshop1.03 MBDownloadHere's Darrel's too-dark gorilla to use when practicing the techniques in the handout on Rescuing a Too Dark Image - Image copyright Darrel Priebe1290
1/30/2010HOW TO RESCUE A DARK PICTURE - HANDOUTPhotoshop214.62 KBDownloadDarrel describes 5 ways to rescue a too-dark image using Photoshop and ACR. Some techniques will even work in Elements.1891
1/12/2010Learning to Love Layers HandoutPhotoshop150.69 KBDownloadDownload and print this handout if you are taking Darrel's Learning to Love Layers Photoshop Workshop.1770
1/12/2010Learning to Love Layers - Tufa jpgPhotoshop2.57 MBDownloadDownload this jpg image to practice on if you are taking Darrel's Learning to Love Layers Photoshop workshop.1332
1/12/2010Learning to Love Layers - Face.jpg by Randi Seigel Photoshop2.46 MBDownloadMembers who are taking Darrel's Learning to Love Layers Workshop should download this image to practice the techniques in the Handout1437
1/4/2010Orton Effect for Elements & PhotoshopElements484.65 KBDownloadAn easy-to-do Photoshop and Elements technique explained by Nancy Lehrer which adds a special richness and color to your digital images.2714
11/14/2009From Blah to Wow - Sky Replacement PictureElements1.22 MBDownloadA JPG picture in hi-resolution of the replacement sky to use in the Vancouver Harbor picture in the From Blah to Wow Photoshop Elements series by Nancy Lehrer. Picture by Ray Laser.1611
11/13/2009From Blah to Wow - Original PictureElements1.73 MBDownloadJPG file of the original Vancouver Harbor picture to use with the Photoshop Elements lesson From Blah to Wow by Nancy Lehrer. Picture by Ray Laser.1456
11/13/2009From Blah to Wow - Final PictureElements452.89 KBDownloadA jpg file showing the results of using Photoshop Elements to change the Vancouver Harbor picture from blah to wow!1398
11/13/2009From Blah to Wow - HandoutElements36.00 KBDownloadA pdf handout describing the steps in detail to change your picture from blah to wow using Photoshop Elements.1461
11/7/2009Trick or Tool Essay on PhotoshopPhotoshop123.42 KBDownloadNancy Lehrer shows you how to use Adobe Camera Raw adjustments while comparing Photoshop to the darkroom techniques of Ansel Adams.1489
11/7/2009Simple Borders with Photoshop ElementsElements431.33 KBDownloadHow to create simple borders around your image or add a text signature to the border of your image using Photoshop Elements by Nancy Lehrer.11279
11/7/2009Sharpening - How to Sharpen in Photoshop ElementsElements28.65 KBDownloadA PDF handout by Nancy Lehrer on how to sharpen your images in Photoshop Elements.1545
11/7/2009PanoramasPhotoshop87.41 KBDownloadA one-page pdf handout on stitching pictures together in Photoshop CS4 to create beautiful panoramas - by Darrel Priebe1791
11/7/2009Painting with LightPhotoshop17.38 KBDownloadHow to use Photoshop's Adjustment Layers and Masks to paint with light and make your image more beautiful - by Darrel Priebe1957
11/7/2009Liquify Filter ToolsPhotoshop14.10 KBDownload3 great Liquify Filter tools for enhancing portraits - by Darrel Priebe. This filter is available in CS 3 & 4, and PS Elements (under Distort)1543
11/7/2009Fixing Common ProblemsElements61.71 KBDownloadHow to fix common picture problems using Photoshop Elements, by Nancy Lehrer1347
11/7/2009Extended Focus in PhotoshopPhotoshop17.24 KBDownloadBill Robinson explains how to use Photoshop CS4 to create a picture with superfocus = in focus from the forground to the background.2077
11/7/2009Content Aware ScalingPhotoshop195.43 KBDownloadA pdf tutorial by Darrel Priebe with pictures on how to use the new CS4 tool to do Content Aware Scaling which can increase or decrease the size of a PART of your picture without affecting the rest.1545
11/7/2009Adobe Camera RawPhotoshop345.18 KBDownloadDarrel Priebe shows you the essential techniques and workflow to use Adobe Camera Raw to enhance your prictures.3554
11/7/2009Adjustment Layers & MasksElements104.70 KBDownloadNancy Lehrer shows you how to use Adjustment Layers and Masks in Photoshop Elements.1654
Software Reviews Minimize
 TitleCategory SizeDescriptionClicks
ColorEfex 3.0 ProReviewsDownload1.82 MBA review of ColorEfex 3.0 Pro by Darrel Priebe4365
Dfine 2.0ReviewsDownload1.93 MBA review of Nik Software's Dfine 2.0 noise removal software - By Darrel Priebe1883
Lucis Pro 6ReviewsDownload1.60 MBA review of Lucis Pro 6, a plug-in for Photoshop and Elements, that creates stunning enhancements to your digital images - By Darrel Priebe4708
Photo Frame Pro 3ReviewsDownload667.49 KBA review of Photo Frame Pro 3 to easily add frames to your digital pictures - By Darrel Priebe1747
Photo ToolsReviewsDownload1.37 MBA review of Photo Tools by onOne Software to enhance your digital pictures - By Darrel Priebe1714
Pro Show GoldReviewsDownload38.96 KBA review of Pro Show Gold/Producer - to create slide shows from digital photographs - By Hutch Hutchison3163
Silver Efex ProReviewsDownload743.39 KBSilver Efex Pro by Nik Software is a Photoshop or Elements plug-in which converts color to Black and White quickly and easily, giving a large variety of options to create a unique look for your picture - By Darrel Priebe1979
VivezaReviewsDownload174.28 KBA review of Nik Software's Viveza for easy digital image enhancements - By Darrel Priebe2110


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