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August 19, 2017
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New On Line Course!


Sherron Sheppard's Digital "ART" Series,
Beyond a Photography...into a Painting
A Corel Painter Workshop for Photographers and Artists

A 3 week On-Line Course
October 29 - November 18, 2012

Times are tough and everyone is a photographer these days! It's a proven fact that people pay more for art so become a Photographic Artist to set yourself apart and expand your markets. Sherron will be covering Corel Painter digital painting techniques that will make your images one of a kind masterpiece and help you make more money. You will learn to transform your images into paintings and create your own personal painterly style. In addition, Sherron will show how she uses Corel Painter and Photoshop together to automate the digital painting workflow, save time, and make it easier to duplicate the art products we sell to clients.


This on-line, work at your own pace, workshop is held in a forum concept. Students are encouraged to post "Before and After" images, along with a brief description of their creative process and the Painter brushes used. Each student will receive individual feedback on their posted images from Sherron. Posting images on the forum also exposes students to a variety of creative ideas to help them learn from each other. Class size is limited, so sign up early to reserve your spot. Sherron's work can be seen at

This "fit into your own schedule" course includes downloadable course material and step by step painting tutorials.
Some of the topics included in the course:

  • Brush Category and Variants & Customizing Brushes
  • Watercolor brushes
  • Importing and Exporting Brushes
  • Creating and Organizing Custom Palettes
  • Organizing Painter for More Efficient Use
  • Color Panels, Cloning Color, Color Sets
  • Clone Source Panel
  • Using Clone Sources to create paintings
  • Layer Palette
  • Brush Tracking
  • Resizing Images
  • Paper Textures
  • Rotating Canvas
  • Workspace Setup and Saving
  • Painting Tips, File Formats and Navigational Tips
  • Creating New Paper Texture and Applying Texture to Paintings
  • How to Deckle Watercolor Paper
  • Pastel paintings over Colored Paper
  • Oil Paintings
  • Wacom Tablet
  • Watercolor Painting
  • Framing Art
  • Pricing Digital Paintings
Sherron's work can be seen at:
Rangefinder Magazine
article on Sherron's work.


  • Corel Painter 12. Students can download a 30 day fully functional trial version of Painter 12 for this class at
  • Because some of Sherron's techniques start in Photoshop, its best if students have some knowledge of Photoshop or Elements but not mandatory.
  • A Wacom Tablet is strongly suggested but not required.

Registration and Information:
More information and registration at EPNet.
Registration: Click on the PayPal link at the bottom of the EPNet page.

Comments from previous classes (see more comments are posted on the registration page).
  • "This class has been amazing, and my only regret is that there isn't a week 7-8-9 & 10! Every week was packed with so much information, that along with your guidance and patience really have made this a wonderful learning experience. I also really appreciated the structure of the class. Having each lesson's questions, answers and discussions contained in one folder has made it very easy to follow."
  • "I absolutely loved this class. It is the best class I have ever taken, online or in person. I loved the way you organized the critiques into weeks so everyone was posting to the same place. I learn as much from others photos as from my own and the way you organized it was easy to see what everyone was doing. Your critiques and help were very useful and we did not have to wait long for them. You were very upbeat and encouraging to us all.

2012/06/27: Southern California Photo Opportunities a great list of Photo Opportunities in and around Southern California;
2012/06/26: A review of PhotoShop Elements 10 by Clint Tinsley from the Idaho PC Users Group;
Elements 10 Review
2012/04/02: Ken Sklute, our May 14th workshop speaker, has a video on the Nik Software web site titled: Extending Your Creative Vision: HDR Efex Pro & Silver Efex Pro 2 with Ken Sklute
2012/03/25: Here is a link to some more videos; not quite the selection as B&H but some may be useful. At least this is one, somewhat, productive way to spend a wet and cold weekend.
2012/03/20: Side-by-side comparisons of the D800 and 5dMkIII at engadget based on DPReview's testing. Verdict? The 5d was better at high ISO, but the D800 was "quite useable" at ISO 25600. A disappointment was that they down-sampled the D800 image for the comparison.
2012/03/19: B&H Photo has over 400 videos posted relating to photography and video. With a wide array of topics, most people will find something related to their interests. Some are product specific others are general photography categories; travel, portrait, composition, etc. A recent one that may appeal to the majority of photographers is this one by Lorne Resnick
Here is a summary page
2012/01/18: If you enjoy printing, you may like Martin Bailey's new eBook on the topic. Nicely done (as with all of his work). You can get it for $4.99, so it isn't too expensive.

2012/01/16: Adobe has made some important clarifications and changes in their upgrade policy for CS6. This is worth a read unless you are already on CS5 or CS5.5.

2012/01/16: One of the biggest changes in LR4 Beta is the develop module has more powerful features. Here is a video highlighting the changes:

2012/01/16: This may be the compact camera we have been waiting for. New small size G Series, large sensor, compatible with 580EX flash...
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