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August 19, 2017
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Flickr comes to the T O Photo Group! If you are a member of the Photo Group, we invite you to join us online on Flickr to post your pictures and join in the discussions. Here is the Link  to the Flickr Photo Group page.

Here is a pdf article by Connie Wade that shows you how to join Flickr. You can also find everything you need on the Flickr site.

We are offering personal assistance in learning to use the T.O. Photo Group Flickr site. Contact us at


Nancy Leher's upcoming Compositional Challenges

The next set of Compositional Challenges will focus on 8 compositional elements: Focus, Light, Placement, Line, Color, Movement, Point of View, and Gesture. Every other month Nancy Lehrer introduce examples and information on using one of these specific compositional elements to make stronger images. The focus is to make an exceptional image where the compositional element (focus, light, placement, etc...) is a major contributor to the images' story, mood, emotion, and purpose.

At the January 2012 meeting, Nancy described how to use focus and shallow depth of field in order to strengthen an image's story, mood, emotion, and purpose. Images should use a shallow depth of field and the photographer should concentrate on where they are placing the focus, how much of the scene is in focus, and how this contributes to the final image. Remember, all the other compositional elements we have been discussing throughout the years are also important in making a strong image.

 Here is a calendar of compositional challenges through April 2013;

Topic Introduction Digital Challenge
Using Focus January 2012 February 2012
Using Light March 2012 April 2012
Using Placement May 2012 June 2012
Using Line July 2012 August 2012
Using Color September 2012 October 2012
Using Movement November 2012 December 2012
Using Point of View January 2013 February 2013
Using Gesture March 2013 April 2013


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