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August 19, 2017
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  • Communication Links of Interest - Information on telecommunications and networking.
  • Computer Shows and Swap Meets - Links to shows in Southern California and a few other areas.
    • American Mega Computer Show - - shows in Carson, Las Vegas, Pasadena, Northridge, and San Diego.
    • Computer Fair Online (formerly "Computer Marketplace") - - Various computer shows in locations like Pomona, Reseda, Buena Park, Santa Barbara, and Henderson, Nevada.
  • Conejo Valley - Some links to places in our own home town.
    • City of Thousand Oaks Official Web Site - or Links to City Services, Arts & Theatres, Library, Business, Government, and much more.
    • Greater Thousand Oaks Telecommunity Center - GTOT's mission is to demystify computer technologies for the public, businesses and governing agencies and to demonstrate their applications for education in the arts, the World Wide Web, videoconferencing, architectural planning and multimedia presentation.
    • Thousand Oaks Home Page - - "The Heart of Thousand Oaks' Internet" - produced by "The Art Department". Includes business, entertainment, recreation, and city services.
    • Conejo Valley Unified School District - - Information on schools, test scores, and job opportunities.
  • Download Sites - Here are some sites you can download shareware programs from.
  • Free Stuff - Free e-mail and free web pages.
  • Miscellaneous
    • UCSB Extension - UC Santa Barbara Extension is the continuing education program at UC Santa Barbara. We offer courses in Art & Design, Business & Management, Computers & Technology, Education, Environmental Management, Behavioral & Health Sciences, and Legal Studies. We offer courses in Ventura County every quarter.
    • Social Security Administration - "Social Security Online". Request your PEBES--Personal Earnings and Benefit Estimate Statement--online.
    • Internet Specialties West - One of our Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Formerly known as VCNet.
    • The Hunger Site at the U.N. - This is a really cool website. All you do is click a button and somewhere in the world a hungry person gets a meal to eat at no cost to you. The food is paid for by corporate sponsors. All you do is go to the site and click. But, you're only allowed one click per day so spread the word to others Visit the site and pass the word. (submitted by one of our members)
  • Search Engines - These pages allow you to search the Internet for the information you want.
  • Shopping - Some of our favorite shopping sites. Some sites will pay TOPCC a commission if you click on a link from TOPCC's web site.
    • Here are some sites I've ordered things from. (It's great to be able to shop in your jammies!):
      • - - Books, music, videos, software, and all kinds of other goodies. They also have an on-line auction if you can't find what you want in stock. I bid on an out-of-print movie trilogy and won! My husband's going to be so happy when he finds out what I got him for his birthday!
      • - - I haven't used this myself, but many of our club members love this site. They get the best prices for computers, home electonics and other fun stuff.
      • FTD.COM - - Flowers, plants, and other gifts for delivery. I've used FTD many times and the people I've bought things for have loved what I got them. They have next day delivery. It's great when something comes up unexpectedly (like a birth, or illness) and you can have it delivered quickly.
    • Department Stores - Here's some common department stores that now have on-line catalogs and ordering (in alphabetical order):
  • Tech Support - Links to various "knowledgebases" and other sites that will help you with your PC and software problems.
  • User Groups - Some of the local user groups in our area, in addition to links to various lists of other user groups.
  • Virus Info Info - Information on computer viruses and hoaxes; Links to Y2K sites.
    • "Rumor has it" - - Info on hoaxes, urban legends, etc. Check here to see if something circulating via email is true or false.
    • McAfee/Network Associates
  • Web Page Design - Some of my favorite pages of web page resources and information on creating web pages.
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