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August 19, 2017
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General articles submitted by some of our members are on this page.  There are more articles on the Photo Group page.

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Laptop, Tablet, Smart Phone Protection On the Road


There are many steps you can and should take to protect your devices. There are both physical accessories, software protections and combinations of both that may be used.

EBay Presentation 3/27/14


Outline of EBay Presentation for March 27th, 2014

Favorite Apps Presentation

  • Short TOPCC website review.  
  •  Favorite Apps (PC Apps and iPad Apps). 
  • Computer, Folder & File Disaster Recovery.

Your Own Domain for $12.00 a Year


UPDATED Why would you want your own domain?  I have had my own domain for ten years.  There are numerous advantages, and at today's prices it is a must for most of our members.

The Tablet Revolution Updated


Tablets are replacing laptop and desktop computers. and are creating many new computer users. If you use tablets, are thinking of buying a tablet or e-book reader, have a family member you have never been able to get to use a computer, or if you just like to read, you should attend. This presentation will cover the latest tablets (including iPad, Android, & e-book readers), and tablet and e-book software.

USB 3.0 and SATA 3.0 for Your Computer


Your new computer should support USB 3.0. Hard drives that use SATA 3 are very desirable but may not be in many less expensive computers.

Make a Windows Boot/installation Disk


If you have a Windows boot/installation disk, you can re-install Windows without losing any information you already have and without having to re-install all your programs.

 Guide to Buying HDMI Cables


All HDMI cables are not the same. The later versions are backwards compatible with earlier devices that use HDMI, but later devices may require later versions of HDMI cables.

DVD Backup Presentation 


This is an outline of the October 27,2011 presentation..

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