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August 19, 2017
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Full-color documentation on how to use the TOPCC Forums.

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What are the TOPCC Forums?
The forums are a place where you can post your computer questions and get answers from other TOPCC members.
The forums replace the "Tech Help" and "Help Line" pages of the old web site.
Go to and click on the [Forums] button on the menu.

Is this different than the Photo Group Yahoo Groups page?

Yes.  The Photo Group Yahoo Groups page is specific to the Photo Group part of the Thousand Oaks Personal Computer Club.
The TOPCC Forums is for general computer and software questions you may have.
The TOPCC web site has a separate login from the Yahoo Groups site.
How do I get in?

  • You must be a TOPCC member to have access.
  • You must have a login account on this web site.
  • That login account must be given permission to access the forums.  We do this by putting your login in a group called "TOPCC Members"

How do I get in the TOPCC Members group?

If you were sent an email with a special link, click on that link and log on.  You will automatically be added to that group.

Otherwise, email the address on the left and we will check your membership.  If you are a member, we will add you to the group.  Please be patient.  We are all volunteers and may not check our email every day.

Need help logging in?
If you have problems logging in, click the "Forgot Password" link.  Type in your User Name and click "Send Password".  Your password will be emailed to you.
You must enter your User Name exactly as you entered it when you registered.  For example, if you registered as "J Smith", you must type "J Smith" as your User Name.  "jsmith", "JSMITH", and "JSmith" (without the space) will not work!

If you still have problems, email the address on the left.

Need help registering?

  • User Name - This is the name you will use when you log in.  Case is important!  If you register with "JsMiTh", you have to log in with "JsMiTh".
  • First Name - Your first name.
  • Last Name - Your last name.  Please use your real first and last name in case we need to check your name against our TOPCC membership list.
  • Display Name - This is how your name will be displayed when you post messages.  For example, "John Smith".
  • Email address - Please use the same email address you use for getting email from the TOPCC so we can check it against the database if necessary to verify membership.
  • Password / Confirm Password - Passwords must be at least 7 characters.  They can be any type of characters.  Just remember what you typed!

Don't forget to set your Avatar!

We have a lot of cool (and not so cool) pictures that you can select from for your Avatar.  What's an Avatar?  It's a little picture that gets displayed under your name for every post you make in the forums.  We several hundred Avatars you can choose from, including animated pictures.  Hover over the [Forums] button, then click on "Forum Avatars" for instructions.  Be sure to click "Next" to see them all!

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Just added!  See the full-color how-to documentation!

-Your friendly webmistress!

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